New Animal Intake Policies


Critter Talk Column
by Freda Day, Corinne T. Smith Animal Center
It’s spring, and canine and feline love is in the air. At Corinne T. Smith Animal Center (CTSAC) we have already started getting litter after litter of kittens and puppies brought to us. Quite often, they are brought in way too early to be placed up for adoption. CTSAC, or any shelter, is not a good place for babies, particularly ones without a mama to care for them.
Good Samaritans commonly pick up litters of kittens, and bring them to us, but it’s the worst possible thing for these babies. The vast majority of times, that litter of kittens you find alone have not been deserted by their mother. It takes a lot of energy to feed yourself and a litter of kittens, so mom is out hunting. She will return to her babies, and if they are gone, she will be left confused and full of milk.
Unless you see mama cat dead in the street, please leave her babies alone. If they must be moved from where she left them, move them to a safe spot close by. The kittens’ best chance is waiting for their mom. Bringing them to the shelter is not the answer.
On a different note, CTSAC is changing our animal intake policies a little bit. We are asking people to call us and make an appointment to bring animals to us. We will be able to fill out paperwork over the phone, and make sure information is complete and legible. It will also be easier for all of us when you get to the shelter. We will be prepared to receive your pets, and you won’t have to wait so long.
I realize that this will be inconvenient for some, but it will also enable us to provide much better care for our dogs and cats. When you decide you need to release a pet to us, you would call us. At that point we would talk to you about possible alternatives to releasing him to us. Sometimes we can help find a way for you to keep your pet. If you still want to bring him to us, we would do the paperwork by phone. We would set up an appointment for you to bring the dog or cat to us. When you come in, all you will need to do is sign the paperwork and hand the pet over to us. Since we knew you were coming, we would be ready to accept the pet, and would be able to start our intake (vaccinations, heartworm test, etc) right then.
Since we won’t have fifteen animals coming in within fifteen minutes, our intake staff will be able to give each animal more time. That’s important, because every animal is afraid when they are brought to us, and if our staff is rushed there is always the possibility of bites, and that’s not good for anyone.
Of course, there are no appointments for adoptions. Come on out anytime we are open and have a look. As always, we are full of sweet dogs and cats available for adoption.
We are open Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. For more information, call 325-646-0617.