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It breaks my heart to see chained dogs. I don’t really understand why people have dogs just to keep them chained in a yard. Out of sight, out of mind, and what’s the fun in that? I want my dogs to meet me at the door with their wagging tails when I come home from work. I need TV watching companions. My dogs are perfect, because it just so happens that they like the same shows I do. They guard my keyboard when I am working at the computer, and keep the misbehaving cats away.

I can’t imagine knowing that her life was being chained in the yard. In essence, it’s a sentence of solitary confinement for life. It also creates lots of issues with temperament and behavior. According to animal behavior specialist Shelby Marlo, “dogs who are forced to live their lives at the end of a chain suffer from severe psychological, emotional, and behavioral effects.”

A chained dog is usually a lonely dog. He is without much human interaction. Chained dogs often practice the same aggressive behaviors over and over. They bark, and lunge, and pull unendingly at their chains. Chaining dogs tends to make them more territorial and food aggressive. When people approach a chained dog, they are usually greeted with overexcitement and pent-up energy. When you add this to the social deprivation and practiced aggressive behaviors (while chained), chained dogs have a higher potential for being dangerous.

Chained dogs are totally at the mercy of their owners. We, at the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center, have gotten in a number of dogs in my six years, who have been left on a chain without care. While they are slowly dying of starvation and dehydration, they have no way to escape. They are at the mercy of other animals. Dogs are instinctively “fight or flight” beings. They can’t flea, so they are forced to fight.

In addition to all of the negative effects of chaining dogs, it is no longer legal to leave a dog on a 6′ chain 24 hours a day. People need to understand that chained dogs are dangerous dogs in the training.

If you love your dog, don’t make him live this lonely life. Unchain those dogs, and bring them inside. Let them feel the joy of sleeping by your bed and watching TV at your feet. They really do want to be your best friend.

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