Lost Pet’s Ticket Home


Independence Day fireworks have been popping and banging away for the past couple of weeks. Every year at this time we are brought lots of lost pets and receive lots of Lost Pet reports from the community. This year we started three weeks before the holiday offering free pet I.D. tags engraved with the owner’s phone numbers. We have given away well over 300 of them, and yet it doesn’t seem to have made an impact of our lost dogs. The problem is that for the 300 plus tags we gave away to pet owners, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of pets in the Brown County area with no identification on their collars.

Here’s the fact…Our shelter almost never gets dogs or cats brought to us with current phone numbers on their collars. Anyone who care enough to pick up a lost pet and bring it to us would much prefer to just call the owner and get the little guys and girls back home. When pets with phone numbers on their collars are found, even by Animal Control, they are returned to their families. No need for the shelter to be involved at all.

It seems so simple. Tag your pets with a phone number. It is a very inexpensive way to keep your pet safe. No excuses. Don’t tell me that your dog doesn’t like collars. If your child didn’t like clothes, would you allow him to go naked? Of course not. Don’t tell me that the dog just loses the collar. They are less than $5, so buy another one. If you replace the collar and tag monthly, it won’t be more expensive than one shelter reclaim would be. Whatever excuse you’ve been using, stop it! Make it easy for the kindhearted person that finds your lost dog or cat to get him home to you.

There are even statistics to back me up on this: 98% of lost pets wearing ID tags are returned to their families, whereas 98% of lost pets wearing no ID are lost to their families forever.

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The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center in Brownwood, TX, is an unlimited intake shelter that was established over 35 years ago. Before the shelter existed, stray and abandoned animals were taken to the landfill and shot to death. Now, animals have a chance at finding a loving home! Please visit on on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ctsanimalcenterpage/) or at our website (http://www.ctsanimalcenter.org/) for more information.

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