Sadie’s Tale


I want to tell you a story about a dog named Sadie.  Sadie was adopted from the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center about six months ago by a very nice family.  Sadie was rambunctious and playful, and so very happy to have a family.  Almost immediately, Sadie began coming to my house to visit.  When I first saw her, she looked familiar. When I looked at her tag, I knew it was Sadie.  I called her family, and a young girl came to get her.  Sadie continued to come visit.  Her family only lives a block from me, but I live a block from a major highway.  I often saw her trotting past my house heading for Highway 377 and Heartland Mall.

Twice, neighbors found Sadie and brought her to my house.  Twice, I sent them down the street to the owner’s home.  Sadie kept roaming to and across the highway.  After a couple of months, I found Sadie in the highway.  I was on my way to work, as were many others, and it was a miracle that the sweet girl wasn’t killed on the busy road.  I pulled over, picked her up, and took her to the shelter.  She no longer had a collar, but since Sadie has a microchip, we could still call her family.

A few days later, Sadie’s family came to get her.  We discussed ways to keep Sadie at home.  The problem is that Sadie is quite the jumper and climber.  Her family decided that she should be an inside dog, and Sadie liked that idea.  For a while Sadie stayed inside with her family, and went for walks on a leash.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.  I am not being critical of Sadie’s family.  They are obviously good people, but once again, Sadie was roaming at will back and forth across Highway 377.

Recently, while I was at the Mall, Sadie wandered up to the door.  At first I wasn’t sure it was her.  She no longer wore a collar.  She stayed with us until a teenage girl walked by and identified her as belonging to her sister.  I would happily have given the young lady back the dog, but when I told her that if Sadie continued to run loose, she would be run over, she said she didn’t care; she wanted to be rid of the dog.  So, I took Sadie to the shelter.

Later, the mom and children came to the Mall to find out about Sadie.  I told them that Sadie was at the shelter and could be reclaimed for a $50 fee.  My friend, Cary, was with me.  She talked to the teenage owner about the fact that they obviously loved Sadie, and Sadie is obviously a very good girl.  She told them that they would feel awful if Sadie was run over, and that it might be better if Sadie found a new home away from the busy road.

At that moment, they agreed, but the next day they came to the shelter and reclaimed Sadie.  Happily, two days later Sadie still hasn’t come to visit me.  They are obviously working hard to keep her off the streets, because she’s a wily little girl.  So, all’s well that ends well.  Sadie’s at home with her family, and she and highway travelers are all safe.



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