Our Mission

The mission of the Corinne T. Smith Animal Center is dedicated to promoting the welfare, compassionate care and protection of animals, taking all domestic animals brought to us, finding suitable homes for adoptable animals, providing information, raising public awareness of animal issues, and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Our Values

Our core values are as follows: humane treatment of all animals; compassion in every decision and interaction; fiscal responsibility and accountability; honesty and integrity; and recognition of staff and volunteers as a vital resource.

Open Positions:

We have a small staff and don't often have open positions. When there are positions to be filled, it is posted daily on our Facebook page.

Our Goals

Our goals are as follows: to provide a compassionate and healthy environment for those in our care; to facilitate responsible adoption by placing animals in permanent, caring homes; to eliminate cruelty to animals through education and advocacy; to reduce pet overpopulation through education and spay/neuter programs; and to provide education and resources that promote responsible pet ownership.

The Board

The current Board is comprised of men and women from a variety of backgrounds: President Carren Bowden, Vice-President Tami Rogers, Treasurer Vita Weehunt, Secretary Kim Nelson, Margaret Clayton, Dave Olhausen, Laurie Lindsey, Allan Cass, Betty Cass, Jeff Smith, and Jerome Nowowiejski. Community members interested in joining the board, who are able to commit themselves to our cause, may attend our meetings and ask to be a member during elections in December.

In compliance with TOMA, anyone may attend an open board session, though you may not participate in the discussions unless you are on the agenda. To be added to the agenda or receive a copy of the agenda, contact the shelter at least seventy-two hours before the meeting. Our Board meets in the lobby of the shelter at 6pm on the last Monday of every month to discuss issues related to the operations and direction of the CTSAC. You must contact us before 5pm to let us know you will be at the meeting, or the door will be locked (the shelter is closed at that time). Updated January 4, 2014.

Our Staff

Carren, Executive Director, took over for Freda on February 24, 2016. She has over 30 years' experience as vet tech, and spent the last 12 years at Small Animal Medical Center in Brownwood, TX. Her very first full-time job was as the one and only kennel tech right here at the CTSAC--then called Brown County Humane Society--in 1976. The Center has improved year after year, and she thought, "This is what I am supposed to do." Now, here she is, continuing to help the center be all it can be.

Will, our Kennel Supervisor, is from Fort Worth. He was a Golden Gloves Boxer in his past life, but now he knocks us out daily by wowing us with his fantastic care of our dogs and dog kennels.

Tamara is usually the first person you meet when you come in our front door. She has been active in dog rescue for many years, and brings her experience to us, helping people with their animal-related issues.

Justice first became involved at the shelter when she and her grandmother volunteered together, when she was a young teenager. She fills in all around the shelter, and is capable of doing everyone's job. We see great things in Justice's future.

Ashley and Tara are our kennel techs.