The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center

Guardian Angels Among Us

They're people, like you, who donate money towards the adoption fee of an animal in our care. Animals who might not otherwise get a second look (e.g. older pets, black cats and dogs) have a greater chance at adoption with a reduced adoption fee. Some people can only donate $5; others donate the majority of the adoption fee. If your pet is not adopted, your donation will help a similar pet. All animals are fixed, vaccinated, microchipped, and given basic vet care before going home!
Barn Cat Program CTSAC Seeks Homes for Feral Cats

Feral, unsocialized cats brought to our shelter are usually euthanized. We are trying to find a way to change that.  Our Barn Cat Program helps healthy feral cats find homes in area barns and outbuildings.

  • Our Part

    The cats will be fixed and vaccinated for rabies before they are made available for the landowner to pickup. The cost depends on our funding and may be free or may cost a small fee based on the size of the colony.

  • Finding Homes

    Feral cats are wild animals. We need farmers, ranchers, and other folks that live in the country to step up and volunteer to allow some of the cats to live in their barns and outbuildings.

  • Your Part

    You need to live on your property and furnish food and water to the cat or cats.  You will need to pick the feral cats up from the vet's office after they are fixed. All they need then is a home and minimal care.

  • Call Us

    They might be beautiful, but they aren't sweet and cuddly.  They don't need a lap and a house, they need a barn and a caretaker.  If you think you could help, give us a call at 325-646-0617. 

We Thank You!

Without support from businesses and the community, local and nationwide, we would not be able to do what we do. If you would like to host an event to benefit the animals of Corinne T. Smith Animal Center, please contact the Center at (325) 646-0617.

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